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How Cool is Synchronicity?

OK, the world is at it, again!  Today I changed into “work clothes” and spread bags of chips, cleaned the animals and then went to exercise at Sisters a bit later.  Soon, in came Ina and we started chatting about … Continue reading

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Late Summer Plants

Sally Stevenson and Kevin Collins generously gave us plugs of Switch Grass, which I inserted into the outside borders of the Labyrinth and more easily dug into the sandy back yard where we are installing prairie grasses and forbs. Sally … Continue reading

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Late Summer Plantings

A dry spell in August brought a halt to labyrinth work, except for trimming and some weeding.  I now appreciate more why some people really do not like gill-over-the-ground, aka “Creeping Charlie.”  At 1511 we didn’t mind it out back … Continue reading

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Summer Labyrinth – One Year Into the Project

One year ago, I began planning the labyrinth in earnest.  And now, while predominantly green, vestiges of color have shown up all summer.  From the Oriental Lilies and the white daisies from Carol, to the lovely soft yellows of the … Continue reading

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Labyrinth Visualization

Where is the best place for me to connect with higher self and be open to guidance?  After our walk in the Collins-Stephenson Prairie that seemed like a good place.  It was cool, secluded, had a sweet aroma and gentle … Continue reading

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Heat and Prairie Plants in Labyrinth

Some plants wilt in the prolonged heat and dryness.  Others thrive.  The Big bluestem, Black-Eyed Susans, Liatris, coneflowers and Maximillian Sunflowers seem to love all this.  Of course, they are adapted to harvest night time moisture.

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Hot Summer and Labyrinth Growth

How amazing that in this extremely and consistently hot summer that the plants in the labyrinth are doing pretty well.  Some Hosta that get more sun than they like have burned leaves but are generally OK.  The Prairie seeds have … Continue reading

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