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Walking the Labyrinth

Many messages come to us as we walk, meditate, contemplate, go about our business.  In busy times and quiet we can gain insights.  Often, when we are deliberative we become aware.  Below is an entry from a pilgrim who recently … Continue reading

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“Come, come Whoever You Are”: Labyrinth Walk for November 12

I invite others to join members from Peoples Church Unitarian Universalist on Saturday, November 12th from 2-4 p.m. to walk the 1080 Laughing Labyrinth.  Originally, we had planned the fabulous time and date of 11:11 a.m. on 11.11.11.  But, reality … Continue reading

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Walking theLabyrinth

This autumn I have enjoyed walking the labyrinth in the evenings.  Each plant has a memory – bought from Kramer’s Flower Farm and planted last October in a drought which meant the soil was hard as hard can be; donated … Continue reading

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Eagles Watching Over

What a surprise and pleasure to look up in the early morning to a crow’s call and see an adult bald eagle perched in the Douglas Fir tree on the SW corner of our property.  It stayed long enough for … Continue reading

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Fork Tool

A heavy rain, the first in weeks, softened the ground enough for me to fork up some of the dandelions for the bunnies and other invasive plants in the entry to the labyrinth.  I also found some seedlings that dropped … Continue reading

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Synchronistic Visit

What a wonderful visit with Andrea Jilovec from Prairiewoods!  I learned that preying mantis are powerful totems, she worked at UIdaho where we attended and in the town we love, and is certainly a creative and supportive individual.  She loves … Continue reading

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A Bright Moonlit Night

How enchanting to walk the labyrinth under the waxing Gibbous moon!  Even the Black Eyed Susan’s cast a slight glow from the setting sun and the rising moon.  The Magnolia tree cast down its leaves that rustle underfoot and overhead … Continue reading

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Rescue Plants

The thought occurred to me today as I wandered the Labyrinth and noticed that the half dead Mums I bought in late August from HyVee  were actually blooming!  I planted, watered, trimmed, blessed (actually said, “OK, guys and gals you … Continue reading

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