Peoples People Walk the R3 Labyrinth

Under a party sunny sky and mild day with a brisk south breeze several Peoples People joined The Reverend Tom Capo and me to walk the 1080 Laughing Labyrinth, which is also the R3 Labyrinth – Recovery, Rescue, and Remembrance.

Rich installed the bell just ahead of the snow.

Rich installed both the bell and Second Bench in the past few days and do they look good!  And, feel right in a process of “completion” which is to say – never complete but working toward some “end.” I will alter the outer circle by moving some plants and including the Second Bench within the boundaries of the 1080 Laughing Labyrinth so pilgrims can sit and still be encompassed by the labyrinth.

Tom and I explained some elements of what a labyrinth is; Uni-cursal so one way in and the same way out;  You cannot get lost; Some details such as the flags on the green sticks mean to turn and mind your head closer to the magnolia tree as the branches are low; Ring the bell as you enter and leave to signal to others and set yourself in the mode of walking and leaving; If you care to share some thoughts I would be honored to put in the blog; We offered a feather to take, walk with, and either leave in the labyrinth or take home.

Things I noticed:  BP was contemplative after and took time to journal and has said she will pass on some thoughts.  MC had the same thought I did – to do this seasonally – such as Solstice.  She added that she liked the objects in the labyrinth – the rocks, plants, sun dial – and suggested I gather and put in the Labyrinth seasonal objects such as pine cones, garlands, luminaries.  What a great idea!  So, others said they would contribute, too!

At the Center and Centered

AW made his way to the first bench and sat, then he came back out.  That is where he needed to be.  Later he and TC met at the bench, talked, and AW finished the walk making his way to the center.   Tom centered himself with a turkey feather before entering.  When he exited he commented that the Labyrinth is not just “natural” but also “life.”

He went on to explain how as he walked he was distracted at times, liked the water in the bird bath, bumped his head on the tree branch, and “got lost.”  Concerned I asked for more explanation.  He was not exactly lost, but so concentrated on the walk that when he got to First Bench, he thought this was  a “dead end.”  Even though he knows labyrinths and that they lead to the center and back out.  So, he sat and thought, and looked around.  Then, he saw the path in front of him and went on and safely back out. RG was reflective and appreciative.  KD walked confidently in and out even though she said she had little knowledge of labyrinths.  CK was quiet and seemed moved.

In the evening just before I went out to walk the Labyrinth myself, I wondered who can I share this special day with?  I thought of Sigi and then Nancy right away.  Just a few minutes later, Nancy called!  We talked a long time.  She started with the news that Grandpa Joe (Sandi Ohlen’s dad) had died on 11-11-11.  Well, that explains my 4:00 a.m. dream – “A soul has slipped away.  Be at peace.”  !!!  We explored many topics and I told her I would send Reiki healing for discernment for the greatest good for all involved.  After we hung up I walked the Labyrinth in the dark.  Remove ego. Be Contemplative and try to center and ask for healing for the Ohlen and extended families, discernment for Nancy on how to approach her concerns, and openness from the families.  When I reached the Center I sent off this Reiki healing with Gabriel and Michael/ Michaela.  Then, I realized sending a condolence message to Sandi via email was right.  And, I wrote a letter on paper to mail, too.  Then, I knew my part was done.  I felt lighter and confident.  I have done what is necessary and what I can.  I walked out lighter.

Many synchronicities from the Universe this week.  Looking forward to a Reiki session with MT.

About marionpatterson

From the Heartland: Marion is a master educator, writer, Veriditas Trained and Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, a member of the Veriditas Council, creator and workshop promoter, and environmental educator. A Holy Fire II Usui and Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Healing Touch Spiritual Ministries Certified Practitioner (HTSM-CP), Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner she seeks to connect with others in their knowledge and spiritual quests. She leads Healing Talking Circles using the principles embraced by indigenous populations and in Restorative Justice Circles. She and her husband, Rich, co-own Winding Pathways LLC and live in Eastern Iowa. "Encouraging people to create wondrous yards." Go outside and Play!
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