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Snowshoeing the Labyrinth

It’s fun! What a kick to walk the Laughing Labyrinth in the snow on snowshoes.  Many things hidden and partly exposed, forgotten and seen in new light.

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Pre-Dawn Polar Walk

Spectacular!  First walk in a 2012 snow.  Pre-dawn.  Strong north wind.  Invigorating! What a welcome change.  With back to the wind,  vision is clear, so I start off determined and full of confidence.  Suddenly with a turn in the path, … Continue reading

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Walk in Gratitude

Today was a beautiful day.  Some of my plans had changed from the original and it worked out they way it needed to.  I was home mid morning, and knowing that the weather was due to change, I let the … Continue reading

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Sensory Walk

How could I not walk the Labyrinth today?  On the way to a meeting I stopped the car and walked the Labyrinth.  The breeze rattled the cord on the flagpole causing the clip to clank occasionally.  Cars sped by.  A … Continue reading

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Moon Glow on the Laughing Labyrinth

How sweet to sit with Rich under a just full moon (now waning and still big and wonderful) with mild temperatures and a gentle breeze “sawing” the evergreens.  Walking the labyrinth after dark is also sweet.  Enough light from the … Continue reading

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R5 Labyrinth Rocks!


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New Year’s Eve 2011

Two different groups of Pilgrims came to the Labyrinth on New Year’s Eve.  A mild day ahead of blustery and colder weather.  How sweet that people wanted to connect and share, and chose the 1080 Laughing Labyrinth.  One pilgrim:  “Thanks … Continue reading

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