Pre-Dawn Polar Walk

Spectacular!  First walk in a 2012 snow.  Pre-dawn.  Strong north wind.  Invigorating!

Pre-Dawn Polar Walk January 12, 2012

What a welcome change.  With back to the wind,  vision is clear, so I start off determined and full of confidence.  Suddenly with a turn in the path, gusts blow icy particles into my face which stick to my eyelashes.  Eyes water and cheeks freeze. Things are not so clear.

The cold penetrates my vest and coat, chilling my chest and core.  Oh, another turn.  Hmmm.  Wind at my back. Things are not so bad and this is fun.  Until I slip and my bare hands clutch snow and impact on frozen ground.  Then, the quartering wind re-freezes the snow that melted on my hands and pants. Even burrowing my hands into my pockets helps little.

While I can step outside the labyrinth and simply get the paper, which was my initial quest, self imposed adherence to boundaries keeps me moving along the designated path, which is, mercifully, very clear.  Ambient light – the albedo of the snow and car lights passing by – lightens the way easily.  It’s just other stuff that seems to get in the way.

Mind my head on the low branches, marked by pink hanging flags.  After all, I am the one who tied the flags to the tree to warn others unfamiliar with the hazard.  So, why didn’t I pay attention to the known hazard?  Other stuff got in the way.

Finally, the center with the collection of feathers, the quad of sturdy branches, buds and blossoms tightly closed waiting for spring.  Now, I am really cold.  I could step outside the self-imposed boundaries….and just go get the paper, which was my initial quest….

Instead, I stick to the path, run most of the way out and…no paper….I got something else, instead.  And, it was good. Even though I am wet and cold.

Sort of like life, too.

About marionpatterson

From the Heartland: Marion is a master educator, writer, Veriditas Trained and Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, a member of the Veriditas Council, creator and workshop promoter, and environmental educator. A Holy Fire II Usui and Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Healing Touch Spiritual Ministries Certified Practitioner (HTSM-CP), Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner she seeks to connect with others in their knowledge and spiritual quests. She leads Healing Talking Circles using the principles embraced by indigenous populations and in Restorative Justice Circles. She and her husband, Rich, co-own Winding Pathways LLC and live in Eastern Iowa. "Encouraging people to create wondrous yards." Go outside and Play!
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