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North Country Labyrinths

Here we find an unusually designed labyrinth tucked into the birch woods at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fairbanks.  Melissa, the office administrator, welcomed us and showed us the sanctuary, which is light and airy.  This labyrinth puzzled me because, … Continue reading

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Something I Need to Do….

While tidying up and getting ready, I felt I needed to do something.  “Walk the Labyrinth.”  Duh, Mrs. Patterson. All is well.

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A return journey on the same path can be good.  What I missed going in, caught my eye on the way out.  A shelf spider web, a diminutive liatris appearing in late summer when conditions are more hospitable, a reflection … Continue reading

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October Workshop

Registrations are coming in for the October Workshop featuring Sandi Ohlen from Rapid City, SD.  With all the labyrinths in our area to walk, developing different routes and options is a fun challenge.  Getting psyched, although it is still “just … Continue reading

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Milkweed and Prairie Seeds

What fun to scatter milkweed seeds across the 1080 Laughing Labyrinth. Early in the season no doubt.  As the evening cools a light rain falls, weighing down the seeds.  Maybe they will “set” this season, yet.

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A Walk With Shadow Self

Distant thunder rumbles and clouds split the sky – inky indigo and cornflower blue.  A few prairie seeds are ripe, but I harvest lightly as the birds need some forage for late season and winter.  Nearby is silence but in … Continue reading

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Sometimes interactions both meditating – if that is what I can call it – and in the Labyrinth are confusing.  “You have more power than you know.” That jolted me awake.  In the labyrinth today, “Yes, send the feathers.  It’s … Continue reading

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Two Pilgrims In Communion

How thoughtfully two pilgrims walked The Laughing Labyrinth today.  Seemingly they  looked at every plant, rock and artifact that call the Labyrinth home.  The most tender moment, that I just happened to see as I glanced up from working around … Continue reading

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Hot Rocks To Roll Night

The cooling air brought in a storm with spectacular anvil clouds overreaching the town before the actual wind and rain came in a huff and torrent.  Why a Hot Rock Night?  Well, goes back to the “Smokin’ Hot Pizza Night” … Continue reading

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Labyrinths in the Area!

Wow!  Who “wudda thunk” that Cedar Rapids, Iowa, would be a hub of labyrinth activity in the Midwest?!? Way cool to discover two more labyrinths new since spring.  One at Johnson School of the Arts on the Southeast side and … Continue reading

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