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Wax On Wax Off

Maybe I was just supposed to go to the Labyrinth and be.  I went directly in and stood in the warm sun with the cool air flowing around me.  No particular message but a calming. Maybe it was like Karate … Continue reading

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St Andrew’s Episcopal Church Labyrinth, New London, NH

Set in a corner surrounded by trees with two sentry trees, this is a satisfying  labyrinth to walk. Many types of rocks form the boundaries and small seedling pines have begun to sprout.  Leaves on the path made a lovely … Continue reading

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The labyrinth called so I went.  Partway through, I looked across the yard to the house shining in the sun, with the light shadows of the maple cast upon the western edge of the roof.  And, I was grateful:  For … Continue reading

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How the Labyrinth Workshop Helped Participants

“The bells of Mount Mercy University that rang while we were at Regis resonated with me.” “I learned about the range and many examples of labyrinths in this town.  Learned my won responses to the various designs.” “I am comfortable … Continue reading

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Remarks from Labyrinth Workshop

Winter discussion preparing for the workshop: “The beauty of the labyrinth is that can be that tool to bring people together. Holistic – spirit, mind, body.” (At this point I remembered James Naismith of Springfield College whose motto is just … Continue reading

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Experience in a Natural Labyrinth – Lost and Found

Remarks by The Reverend Tom Capo,  Peoples Church Unitarian Universalist.  At the October Labyrinth Workshop, Indian Creek Nature Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “What is a natural labyrinth?  Most labyrinths that you see are flat unadorned maze-like structures.  Their purpose is … Continue reading

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Participants’ Reflections of October Labyrinth Workshop

Karie:  “Although I was only able to attend day one…the workshop was all that I hoped for and has set me on a new path of discovery…yes, I will definitely be incorporating this “stroll to the soul” into my life. … Continue reading

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Autumn Reflections

Of 9-28 and 29.  For our anniversary we took an overnight to Yellow River State Forest.  About 20 miles out I wondered if I had locked the back door.  It’d happened once before.  So, I tried calling a friend who … Continue reading

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