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Swaddled in Snow

The Laughing Labyrinth and all of Sand Ridge are swaddled in snow.  Windows all around clogged with snow.  Door jambs tucked in with snow.  And it seems like the snow stopped the whole day.  I’m in a time lapse and … Continue reading

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New Mexico Labyrinths and Ineffable Connections

What I learned is that to visit labyrinths is one thing. To actually make a pilgrimage to a labyrinth, or even several, is very different.  I have been a visitor. What are my memories and lessons? Still digesting.  All that … Continue reading

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Consistent Walks

For the past week I have walked a labyrinth each day or night.  Today on the way to pick up papers at KCC, I decided against it and turned instead first toward home past Garfield and then turned into the … Continue reading

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Mystic Experiences

Ineffable.  Inability to share adequately. Unsought.  Unforeseen. Sentient. Transient. Be aware.

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Epiphany Masters – Reiki and Labyrinths

The feelings was of contentment as I walked the Laughing Labyrinth tonight in the gathering night.  Orion, Jupiter,  Aldebaran, the Pleiades, Cassiopeia, Cygnus faintly way in the  west.  Still, clear. Brisk but “warm feeling.” The magnolia tree seemed to vibrate. … Continue reading

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Reply to a Blog

Below is a  reply to a recent blog I posted on walking the labyrinth.  JW is a dear friend from Goffstown who knew my folks well.  I am honored to continue the relationship forged by Mum and Daddy four decades … Continue reading

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From Wahneta on January 2, 2013

“Walked the Laughing Labyrinth today. The Magnolia tree sustained some minor damage in that last storm. She stands quiet & reflective. She has gone within recuperating from 2012, rebuilding her energies. Rejuvenation comes from the quiet clarity of a cold … Continue reading

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