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Ahead of the Storm

The bunnies basked.  The chickens foraged.  I walked.  I thought about the stylized labyrinths and how paying attention to the narrow path would help one focus.  And, to the hedge labyrinths where one is literally “hemmed” in and has to … Continue reading

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February Sun

After a tumultuous three days this day dawned calm and turned clear.  A deep low pressure system had sat over Iowa all weekend, covering it with thick, grey clouds that ushered in heavy rains.  These swept down roads, filled streams … Continue reading

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Updated List of Known Area Labyrinths

Cedar Rapids Area Known Labyrinths as of February 2013 Christ Episcopal Church.  220 40th Street NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402 Contact: Linda Antisavage                   Phone: 319-363-2029 Email: Web: Schedule:  Call for availability     Type: Medieval Chartres replica      Materials: Canvas Ely … Continue reading

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Where does this post go?  marionpatterson or 1080Labyrinth?  Here it is. This weekend’s weather is so reminiscent of home in New Hampshire in March.  Unsettled warmish wind coursing through the tree tops alternating with a shiver up and down the … Continue reading

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Snow Spiders and Other Mid-Winter Marvels

Oh, well, so I didn’t do  the alignment so well.  Too bad, so sad.  If I wait to do this “perfectly” the post will never be made! Yesterday was a beautiful mid-winter day.  While the bunnies sunned, the chickens foraged, … Continue reading

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How I missed the option to walk the Labyrinth physically, and yet was grateful to have the option to study it and be with it from the upstairs window.  But, now, with Dick Garberson plowing the rim of the drive, … Continue reading

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Labyrinth Platter and Snowshoe Walking

Kim and Thom Norby have created a “clay model” of the labyrinth platter picture that I sent them last year.  How cool it is!  Now we are working on the colors.   I’ve asked Kim and Thom to use their sense … Continue reading

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