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Distilled Reflections from Labyrinth Facilitator Training

Three themes emerged from the Veriditas Facilitator Training in Tipp City this month.  Facilitation. Inclusion. Companioning. Facilitation is the act of making something easier.  Wikipedia has succinct descriptions of various types of facilitators and the main difference between a facilitator … Continue reading

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Whispering Poems From Harmony Farm

With permission and great honor I share these poems by Marilee Pallant of Brentwood, Tennessee, friend of Barbara Brewer, owner of Harmony Farm.                                                       “Would You Prefer I Whispered” “As you work there in the fields planting lavender Or you … Continue reading

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Susurruss Of Harmony Farm

Space To Be Time to create space for yourself.  Hmmm. New theme for a next Labyrinth workshop.  All of Saturday I felt drawn to hold space, allow space, create space. A very easy and flowing day, perhaps better named  “The … Continue reading

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Labyrinth Pilgrimage in the Ohio Valley

Most of the way to Tipp City, Ohio, was on Interstates but the route was rural a great deal of the way.  Low lying mist in the valleys when I left home.  A warm breeze and cicadas ? in October.  … Continue reading

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This morning I awoke with the sweet melody and lyrics to the ending song we did at the Equinox Labyrinth Workshop.  Many thanks to Tracy McPartland for leading us in that closing circle song.  Loving Kindness.

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Autumnal Equinox Labyrinth Healing Energy Workshop – Listening to the Susurrus of Our Souls’ Intent

The beginning of rough notes on the weekend. Ineffable – From Websters-Merriman Dictionary “too great, powerful, beautiful,…to be described or expressed.” The weekend of the Autumnal Equinox Labyrinth-Healing Energy Workshop was spectacular and synchronistic and remains Ineffable. A quintessential High … Continue reading

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