Susurruss Of Harmony Farm

Space To Be

A Space to Be

A Space to Be

Time to create space for yourself.  Hmmm. New theme for a next Labyrinth workshop.  All of Saturday I felt drawn to hold space, allow space, create space. A very easy and flowing day, perhaps better named  “The Centering Day” rather than the “Qualifying Workshop”.  to come down off busy-ness and ease into being at this gentle spot was both easy and challenging.  Time to roam, visit with staff who were incredibly accommodating, take pictures, watch the cows, take in the pastoral scene.

People connected to Harmony Farm

People connected to Harmony Farm

How charming is The Discovery House ! Spiral staircase up and down with intriguing bas relief of different spiritual personas. Have to ask about these.  I immediately thought of Lord of the Rings and last night on TV was, Lord of the Rings!  (the story is that each of the bas relief masks represents the owner, Barbara and husband Bill Brewer, and the figures central to creating Harmony Farm.) The meeting space can be separated into various massage/Reiki rooms and each looks west over the valley that is the Great Miami River.  The hammock, chairs by the pond, the lavender field, bee hives, and the lovely Labyrinth in the Woods.  (I will say people in Ohio mow way too much.  Well, all over for that matter.) When we crop up to the ditches, mow the ditches and acres of yard, allow the timber patches to fill with exotic species that crowd out the native plants that have food for wildlife, it is no wonder we have little left.  Monarchs, pheasants, small mammals, insects all need the right combination of habitat.

Use the labyrinth as a stress reducer.  Gaining acceptance in hospitals, hospice, colleges.  Shift gears  to move away from stress.  Come from attitude of gratitude.  Is an amazing bereavement tool. Hmmm. an idea for a continuing education  workshop. Talk with Chris Krug of IC.

Be in your flow, which changes! Release, receive, reunite.  Herbert Benson coined the term “stress.” Situational and Chronic.  The former can be all right, but when the messages or situation continue, then as chronic stress, we suffer.

Is some message cycling in your mind? As a moving meditation, the labyrinth helps to find flow and quiet the mind.  As a physical educator, I know this!  I have seen this forever!  people need to move!  As one person quipped, you sit a child down and force him/her to do repetitive activities hour after hour, and you will have inattention, fidgeting, and rebellion!

The labyrinth is a rich field for discernment.

Why are words so hard for me to find?  Remember Pema Chodron: Be present.  Listen to the sounds:  breeze, people walking, electric cart coming, plane overhead.

Be Still and Know that I AM Lord/Love
Be Still and Know That I AM
Be still and Know
Be Still

A most amazing day:  I have known that I was not going to have a “profound revelation.”  I am here to confirm my mission.  Connection with and healing the earth as Rich and I have done.  Peacemaker among people.  Linker of people and connector of ideas, people, events.  I have been greatly aware of nature this whole trip.  Yesterday were vultures, chipmunks, turkeys.  The changing colors, fairies’ napkins on the plants.  Spiders.  Today in the late morning walk I didn’t really want to walk.  But, I did want to take a picture of the shadows of people in a semi-circle in the labyrinth.  But, I didn’t get that picture.  That’s OK.  So, I waited a long time before I went in because the labyrinth was crowded.  So glad I walked it alone this morning!  Singing!  Well, back to the story….I went right to Spirit in the rose because the other petals were filled.  Then, guides opened and Mar moved to that space.  So, I stayed in Spirit The Great I AM.  Then moved into center, bowed to the four Cardinal Points and gave thanks.  And, immediately walked out.  My instinct was to continue straight out because the thought was, “I have done what I came here to do.”  However, I deferred to “completing the walk” which initially I found ponderous.  Then, I was OK, yielding space for others and feeling good that that is partly what I do, allow space, as I observed yesterday.  Good, not in a conceited way, but in a manner of this is some kind gesture  I can do.  Then, instead of waiting to take a picture, I went up to eat.  I was really hungry and getting grumpy.

Later Nathan caught me and asked if I noticed anything when I left.  Well, I did notice a large rustling in the bushes like a deer or large animal, the vultures and crows overhead.  But, here is his observation.  He designs labyrinths so he studies how people walk in them.  He saw me go to Spirit, do the Cardinal Points with my feather and walk out.  Immediately he saw and heard two crows overhead.  Saw a hawk wing over, the trees rustle and noises in the bushes.  Also, Pam smiled broadly.  She later said she suddenly was aware of nature.  Nathan said in effect, “Marion, awakened nature.”  That is my profound experience. The confirmation of my mission with labyrinths.  Tend and heal the earth.  Connect people and places and events.  And, be the peacemaker. I feel very honored.

Earlier on a prior walk, I notice Mar sitting in the Guide petal of the rose. Contemplative. Childlike.  I had just left that petal.  Later she approached me and explained that when I left, she entered and immediately had “The sweetest download from the angels.” Lovely synchronicity  – an answer to a question she has been thinking of.  And, later, she read the e-mail from a colleague who does angel readings.  The message was hand-in-glove.  She thanked me for “opening” the petal.  Well, I do not take credit for anything, but it is nice to be included in the opening of the Spirit as people have needed.

Feathers seemed to open up people.

Feathers seemed to open up people.

Nancy at the workshop played with the feather that I offered people.  Heard “Pomp and Circumstances” and wondered “What am I graduating from?” then was holding the feather like a pen. Wants to write a second book. I replied, “Write from the heart.”

Lyz: “This is the slowest I have ever walked. Ponderous. Didn’t want to walk the second time on Saturday. Referenced the Critical Voice.”  And, the terror that exists in between starting and accomplishing.” Do we ever really release/forgive? Because we do revisit situations.  She took a small feather, a “baby feather”.  Settled down.  Then rested in the hammock>a deer trail>wormed her way through tight spaces in the bushes>a clearing.  Everyone was gone.  The labyrinth was empty.  And, so was she. That was her ending. She was empty of the concerns.  Very cool.

Again, this is my “profound experience” – to have opened and held space for others. The confirmation of what I am to do.  Link…Connect…(make) Peace.”

Thoughts as they came in conversations:  We cut ourselves off when we don’t honor, pay attention to our inner thoughts.

Beware judging whether a labyrinth is positive or negative.  The person walking the labyrinth determines if the experience works for him/her.  People “vote” with their feet.  Meaning if a labyrinth is used then it works.  Well, definitely the Prairie Labyrinth and the 1080 Labyrinth work! LA referenced the Santa Fe labyrinth and didn’t have positives to say about it.  I can only say that when there in January, the dusting of snow covered the pattern but I “created” a pattern of the raven when I brushed away the snow and there was a sense of Spirit there.

Watching with soft eyes.

Watching with soft eyes.

Be careful about “taking an agenda” into the labyrinth. Walk in and find a natural pace and a neutral space.  Ask self “Am I ready to address this matter?” If one encounters a “negative voice” ask whose voice is it?  Then, try to talk with the person.  As one walks let the “voice” go to the light.  Face out to release – the maleness.  Face in to receive – the femaleness. Remember that light attracts dark and amplifies it, too. LA “We all bump against darkness.”

Talk of re-visiting dreams. What needs to be healed? Is this the time to re-visit? We can “re-write the ending.”

To focus is a learned art. Stay in the present. Ask, What in my life that I need to do am I not focusing on?  Do it!  When we precrastinate, the critical voice gets stronger.  Our culture mitigates against “focus.”

Do more than one walk in a short time.  The first walk clears stuff. The subsequent one(s) allow messages in because we are open to receiving. Growth is spiral.  I recall the quote in the Book of Love “Deep healing comes from reconciliation and forgiveness.”

Several people talked about being uncomfortable with all the other people in the labyrinth.  LA joked that they could go there together and “elbow” each other out of the way all they want!

One person: Barefoot – texture, temperature variations. Grounded>airplane (uplifted)> sirens (saved)

From another participant.Think of peeling layers off like with an onion. To paraphrase Robert Frost, “One could do worse than be a lover of labyrinths.”

On Sunday a.m. I awoke with songs:  Morning has broken, You lift me up (wind beneath my wings), Peace, Salom, Shalom, Loving Kindness.  Took pictures of the “fairies’ napkins” and danced in the labyrinth all alone early a.m. with my feather singing the songs and the “Usui song” I made up at suggestion from WTD long ago.  Feet very wet like in the Prairie Labyrinth walk this July with Kelly Carr Sousa.

“Soul Collage.”

Ideas:  New Years’ Eve Labyrinth Party.  Meditative “Happy Hour.” Labyrinth Wedding.

A labyrinth does have choices, just no forced choices.  To enter or not. To go around another or not. How long to stay in the center.

Think of going around a corner as “Mercury in Retrograde.” Hmmm. OK.

Labyrinths help us get out of our heads and into our hearts. (Sheryl Crow)

Labyrinths come into popularity when society is in chaos.

Warming rituals to season a labyrinth and also closing ceremonies.

Verbal processing can help focus as I saw in comments from people above.  What metaphors jumped out at you?

What is Sacred Space?  Any where you are and Infinite is.

Labyrinths need spokes people to help them be known and used.  Nathan told us that Sunday the labyrinth recorded 29 turns on his dowser before we entered and spun 110 times after!  Lots of energy.

On Monday the 14th Sally greeted us with “This is our last day.  So, a good morning to you.” Could be double entendre. “Good mourning” as we wrap up. Then, she offered us a piece of Harmony Farm – one of the paving bricks.  Again, Piece or Peace of Harmony Farm.

Ents at Harmony Farm


Early a.m. gave thanks and Reiki to Nancy L going into surgery.  Again, visited labyrinth on my own. Bowed to the four Cardinal Points. Left a feather at the base of Whimsy Tree.  The whole area reminds me of Ents, elves, Lord of the Rings.  zi awakened the earth and the labyrinth and went to eat. Call from Linda Pitz Lehman. So, all day I considered her request as I worked to sit in gratitude, abundance, clarity.  LA provided the words at closing.  Take the next steps.  On the way home the next day I “saw” a shape in upper right of windshield.  I looked at momentarily “saw” a large flat winged bird and really did see a small flock of starling-type birds fly across that path. Well, the former was a mirage and the latter real.  But the metaphor is keep your eye clear, look far and wide and do not let the little nattery “birds” get in your way.

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From the Heartland: Marion is a master educator, writer, Veriditas Trained and Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, a member of the Veriditas Council, creator and workshop promoter, and environmental educator. A Holy Fire II Usui and Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Healing Touch Spiritual Ministries Certified Practitioner (HTSM-CP), Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner she seeks to connect with others in their knowledge and spiritual quests. She leads Healing Talking Circles using the principles embraced by indigenous populations and in Restorative Justice Circles. She and her husband, Rich, co-own Winding Pathways LLC and live in Eastern Iowa. "Encouraging people to create wondrous yards." Go outside and Play!
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