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It’s So Obvious

Sometimes I feel really dense.  The main reason I never had the “WOW!  This was a great workshop experience!” from the Equinox Labyrinth Workshop September 21st, 2013, is that the experience(s) belonged to others. The participants. For a long time … Continue reading

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Honoring All Souls Contributions

Tears and laughter made up the walk today to collect the sticks and tags that people wrote on last week.  The intentional ringing of the bell on the way in and out.  Feathers and shells decorated the space.  Curious placements … Continue reading

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November Knownings

Sometimes “knowing” just is.  A  colleague, who is a fellow learner and friend, and I have had on the planner for some time a “date” for lunch.  The day before, on the way to an AARP Smart Driver class in … Continue reading

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“The Safety Net I’ve Been Tangled In” Reflections of a Labyrinth Walker

“I wrote “The safety net I’ve been tangled in” on my tag, and focused on letting go, trusting that I can give the line some slack, and still be safe.  Thoughts that came to mind were irony that something meant … Continue reading

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All Souls’ Day Labyrinth Walk

Reflection on All Souls’ Labyrinth Walk 11-1-2013 Background: In early October I began to plan a walk for All Souls’ Day. From 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The Laughing Labyrinth was open the entire time and I was generally available … Continue reading

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