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Winter Solstice Walk on the Prairie Labyrinth

“O’er all the weary world” awoke me on this grey morning and the lead for the walk materialized. I was happy and excited about the day and knew we would have a fair number of participants in spite of the … Continue reading

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Approaching Solstice

After the guided meditation honoring this time of rest, dormancy and death/shedding/transition, I walked the 1080 Laughing Labyrinth on December’s World Peace Meditation Night.  Even through a thickening cloud cover, the moon reflected enough of the sun’s energy that its … Continue reading

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Study in Shades of Grey, White, and Tan

A balmy day by all standards this autumn.  Is it still autumn?  Seems to fall slowly.  In a week we will officially be “winter.”  I invite all comers to join me at Indian Creek Nature Center on December 21st at … Continue reading

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Winter Textures

The Laughing Labyrinth is very happy to show off the assortment of winter weed textures and shapes in the ever deepening snow.  Me? Not so much, but the day has been spectacular with light and shadow as the sun moved … Continue reading

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Snowy Reminder

Pushing snow along the path.  Invigorating!  So fun to be back in the Laughing Labyrinth – to reflect, enjoy, anticipate. The wide shovel slid easily under the thin layer of fluffy snow. So, I got to look at the wild … Continue reading

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