Mercury in Retrograde, Maybe there is Something to It.

Computers and relationships have similarities.  They are shining examples of communication, are complicated and can be imperfect. Take computers.Things move along swimmingly for weeks then, like over the weekend, tasks I’ve done lots of times suddenly don’t work. My inclination is to think that I have done something wrong – hit the wrong key or got fingers mixed up.  So I touch the “undo” key, re-check my work, and try a different browser. Nada. Then, I have tended to get cross. And continue to blame myself.  Then the computer.  Eventually, I turn off the computer, unplug and re-plug the router and modem. turn on the computer….nada encore.

More recently, I have learned to stop, push back, breathe, and choose to do something different.  “This is the way things are right now. It’s OK.” And as a colleague is wont to quip, “Hashtag First World Problem.”  So, I work on lessons, iron, clean up around the house, walk the  labyrinth, or step outside to the cabin where I learn Rich is also having difficulty. It’s not me.  It just is.

Then, ES at the health club mentioned “Mercury in retrograde.”  Difficulty with Communications.  Hmmmm.  While I never have understood any of that, because planets do not really move backwards, and it seems like a convenient scape goat, maybe there is something to it. Because it seemed that “nothing” worked over the past week or weekend. And, today, matters seem OK.

And, I also remind myself that while it will “always be something” I am the one who can choose to stay centered and calm because by doing the opposite – frustration, anger – I hurt myself by releasing negative hormones that stay for hours into my body.

The labyrinth helps calm the beast and give perspective. Heart Math emphasizes that a 90 second break is all we really need to center and re-focus.  Choose and move into a healthier place. As for relationships, it just is right now. Be with the moment with our “shenpa”. Release. Go with the ebb and flow.

From Peter, Paul and Mary:  “Love is always like a river, Love is always passing by. Love must flow on like the river. Try to hold Love back and Love will die.”

May I continue to learn to step into a place of Peace, Grace and Equanimity. With computers and relationships.

About marionpatterson

From the Heartland: Marion is a master educator, writer, Veriditas Trained and Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, a member of the Veriditas Council, creator and workshop promoter, and environmental educator. A Holy Fire II Usui and Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Healing Touch Spiritual Ministries Certified Practitioner (HTSM-CP), Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner she seeks to connect with others in their knowledge and spiritual quests. She leads Healing Talking Circles using the principles embraced by indigenous populations and in Restorative Justice Circles. She and her husband, Rich, co-own Winding Pathways LLC and live in Eastern Iowa. "Encouraging people to create wondrous yards." Go outside and Play!
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  1. Emily Saylor says:

    Love it 💜

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