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Autumnal Equinox Labyrinth Healing Energy Workshop – Listening to the Susurrus of Our Souls’ Intent

The beginning of rough notes on the weekend. Ineffable – From Websters-Merriman Dictionary “too great, powerful, beautiful,…to be described or expressed.” The weekend of the Autumnal Equinox Labyrinth-Healing Energy Workshop was spectacular and synchronistic and remains Ineffable. A quintessential High … Continue reading

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Walkin’ With The Sunflowers

The gigantic six-foot Maximillian sunflowers were just reaching out for me – waiting patiently to embrace me. The whole while they had a sunny face, saying “Come, let me love you.”

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Grounded at Solstead – December 2012

A chance comment, a decision to open the day, an invitation to a soul in need, and willingness to welcome visitors to the Healing Center resulted in a “just right” day.  Mild for December with grey tones dominating but adding … Continue reading

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Sousa Dedication

All season the Sousa family has regularly visited the Prairie Labyrinth, noting the changes, planting their own and discovering others’ hidden treasures, and enjoying quality family time.  The rewards have been rich for all.  Thank you for sharing!    Following are … Continue reading

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St Andrew’s Episcopal Church Labyrinth, New London, NH

Set in a corner surrounded by trees with two sentry trees, this is a satisfying  labyrinth to walk. Many types of rocks form the boundaries and small seedling pines have begun to sprout.  Leaves on the path made a lovely … Continue reading

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The labyrinth called so I went.  Partway through, I looked across the yard to the house shining in the sun, with the light shadows of the maple cast upon the western edge of the roof.  And, I was grateful:  For … Continue reading

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First Night Back Walk

Just shy of 24 hours back from the Alaska trip, I walked the Labyrinth in the dark.  Then, Wednesday I mowed the paths and today clipped and scattered seed heads.  Mostly of Black Eyed Susans and some cone flowers.  Many … Continue reading

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