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Maundy Thursday.  Women’s Walking Workshop.Virtual Labyrinth Walk. May Day. World Labyrinth Day. Looking up labyrinths along an oval path from Cedar Rapids to McAllen, Texas, and back via Arkansas. Frelinghuysen Arboretum Labyrinth. The report that several people, interviewed about the … Continue reading

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Ahead of the Storm

The bunnies basked.  The chickens foraged.  I walked.  I thought about the stylized labyrinths and how paying attention to the narrow path would help one focus.  And, to the hedge labyrinths where one is literally “hemmed” in and has to … Continue reading

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A Bit of Dew

As dry as the summer has been, a bit of dew kissed the plants in the labyrinth this morning.  Prairie plants in particular are masters at harvesting even scant moisture.  Early planets winked before bowing to the rising sun.  So, … Continue reading

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Feeling Lost

I don’t know what to say or do but the Labyrinth said, “It is OK to be sad and it is different from darkness.”  I am sorry we had to put poor little Sasha down.  She was a good bunny.  … Continue reading

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Walk in Gratitude

Today was a beautiful day.  Some of my plans had changed from the original and it worked out they way it needed to.  I was home mid morning, and knowing that the weather was due to change, I let the … Continue reading

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