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All Souls’ Day Labyrinth Walk

Reflection on All Souls’ Labyrinth Walk 11-1-2013 Background: In early October I began to plan a walk for All Souls’ Day. From 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The Laughing Labyrinth was open the entire time and I was generally available … Continue reading

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World Peace Meditation Evening

For the first time in many months – approaching a year – I was able to walk the Laughing Labyrinth for World Peace Meditation Night on a beautiful evening.  Other World Peace Nights have been of Thunderstorms, or Snowstorms, or…. … Continue reading

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Where does this post go?  marionpatterson or 1080Labyrinth?  Here it is. This weekend’s weather is so reminiscent of home in New Hampshire in March.  Unsettled warmish wind coursing through the tree tops alternating with a shiver up and down the … Continue reading

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New Year’s Day 2013

Last night the Sousa children and their folks walked the 1080 Laughing Labyrinth after the Fiscal Cliff Party.  To watch them in the dark – little figures interspersed  with taller figures – was delightful!  I could hear little squeals as … Continue reading

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Hot Rocks To Roll Night

The cooling air brought in a storm with spectacular anvil clouds overreaching the town before the actual wind and rain came in a huff and torrent.  Why a Hot Rock Night?  Well, goes back to the “Smokin’ Hot Pizza Night” … Continue reading

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August Full Moon Walks 2012

Two labryinth walks tonight. First at the Nature Center. The later rising full moon glowed red through the eastern sky.  Thus one of its names. Red Full Moon.  In response to my question, “What would you call this moon?” visitors … Continue reading

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Six labyrinths in Six Days

From Iowa to Illinois to New Jersey labyrinths drew us to them.  Moline and East Moline, Illinois, have two associated with churches.  Unity Center’s seven circuit labyrinth is a small affair placed in a huge field.  Practically arranged for easy … Continue reading

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