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Mid-Summer Appreciation Walk – Experience the Experience

High Summer. Mid Summer Night’s Dream. Lammas – first harvest. Change Over. Stillness in the morning. Quiet calls at night. Thirteen pilgrims met on this mild August night to celebrate the fullness of summer, the half-way point between the summer solstice … Continue reading

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The Walk before The Walk

Amused, I followed the paralleling deer tracks in the Laughing Labyrinth.  They, too must be on a mission.  Indeed, a food mission for the tracks dual split off   a third of the way around the Labyrinth.  Headed to the neighbor’s … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice Walk on the Prairie Labyrinth

“O’er all the weary world” awoke me on this grey morning and the lead for the walk materialized. I was happy and excited about the day and knew we would have a fair number of participants in spite of the … Continue reading

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Honoring All Souls Contributions

Tears and laughter made up the walk today to collect the sticks and tags that people wrote on last week.  The intentional ringing of the bell on the way in and out.  Feathers and shells decorated the space.  Curious placements … Continue reading

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Plants and People and Forbs

This entry is mostly pictures of flowers.  From the upper window of the house the mowed path resembles the flaming chalice of the Unitarian Universalist tradition.  I rather like this unintentional creation.  From either side of the entry way – … Continue reading

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Sleuthing Souzas in the Prairie Labyrinth

Must be spring!  D1 and D2 ventured into the Prairie Labyrinth on the first full day of Spring 2013 and discovered the feathers left for them by another pilgrim in the dead of winter.  Well done! In Kelly’s words:  “Well, … Continue reading

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Late Winter Shadows, TraceableTracks, and Eagles Overhead

  Well this is weird!  So, I put the pictures in all at once.  Oh, well.  Today was simply delightful with a warm sun to offset the 2 degrees in the early a.m. As I walk both the Prairie Labyrinth … Continue reading

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New Mexico Labyrinths and Ineffable Connections

What I learned is that to visit labyrinths is one thing. To actually make a pilgrimage to a labyrinth, or even several, is very different.  I have been a visitor. What are my memories and lessons? Still digesting.  All that … Continue reading

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Bottleworks Under Snow

Managed to walk on top of the densely packed snow and create my own version of Bottleworks Labyrinth downtown before taking in Erin Owen’s talk at NewBo Books. Left a feather in “my center” of the labyrinth. Wonder what the … Continue reading

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12:12 p.m. December 12, 2012

“When the moon is in the Seventh House And Jupiter aligns with Mars Then peace will guide the planets And love will steer the stars “This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius The age of Aquarius, Aquarius! Aquarius! … Continue reading

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