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1080 Phoenix Harmony Labyrinth Rising

“To every thing there is a season.” The past few years I have been dismayed at how the 1080 Laughing Labyrinth prairie grasses have taken over the seven circuit Classical labyrinth we designed and created in the front yard.  And, … Continue reading

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Surprise PhotoBomb in the Laughing Labyrinth

Surprise Photo Bomb in the Laughing Labyrinth. Continue reading

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The Walk before The Walk

Amused, I followed the paralleling deer tracks in the Laughing Labyrinth.  They, too must be on a mission.  Indeed, a food mission for the tracks dual split off   a third of the way around the Labyrinth.  Headed to the neighbor’s … Continue reading

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Reflections by Karie Tegeler

A great honor to print reflections by spiritual seeker, Karie Tegeler.  She has participated in the labyrinth workshops at Indian Creek Nature Center and walked a number of labyrinths in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She refers especially to The Prairie … Continue reading

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Whispering Poems From Harmony Farm

With permission and great honor I share these poems by Marilee Pallant of Brentwood, Tennessee, friend of Barbara Brewer, owner of Harmony Farm.                                                       “Would You Prefer I Whispered” “As you work there in the fields planting lavender Or you … Continue reading

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A Synchronistic Day Among Friends and Labyrinths

Such an amazing day that spun from a number of earlier cancellations and others recognizing the opportunities and helping to make the day happen.  From last September at Yellow River State Forest, “I do no manipulate.  I help people raise … Continue reading

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Epiphany Masters – Reiki and Labyrinths

The feelings was of contentment as I walked the Laughing Labyrinth tonight in the gathering night.  Orion, Jupiter,  Aldebaran, the Pleiades, Cassiopeia, Cygnus faintly way in the  west.  Still, clear. Brisk but “warm feeling.” The magnolia tree seemed to vibrate. … Continue reading

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Reply to a Blog

Below is a  reply to a recent blog I posted on walking the labyrinth.  JW is a dear friend from Goffstown who knew my folks well.  I am honored to continue the relationship forged by Mum and Daddy four decades … Continue reading

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Hot Rocks To Roll Night

The cooling air brought in a storm with spectacular anvil clouds overreaching the town before the actual wind and rain came in a huff and torrent.  Why a Hot Rock Night?  Well, goes back to the “Smokin’ Hot Pizza Night” … Continue reading

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Regis Labyrinth

The sun beat down big time, but the walk was worth it.   The small bricks with individual inspirational words: comfort… instruct…pray…forgive. And the saying inscribed into stones on the side:  “Some people come into our lives and quickly go.  Some … Continue reading

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