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Reiki One Labyrinth Walk – Metaphors for our Lives

Life is change.  The labyrinth is perhaps one of the best metaphors to explore this.  In the Laughing Labyrinth winter’s long and bitterly cold stay is evident.  Buds of the magnolia tree are sparse and hardly opening.  But, they are … Continue reading

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The Walk before The Walk

Amused, I followed the paralleling deer tracks in the Laughing Labyrinth.  They, too must be on a mission.  Indeed, a food mission for the tracks dual split off   a third of the way around the Labyrinth.  Headed to the neighbor’s … Continue reading

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Approaching Solstice

After the guided meditation honoring this time of rest, dormancy and death/shedding/transition, I walked the 1080 Laughing Labyrinth on December’s World Peace Meditation Night.  Even through a thickening cloud cover, the moon reflected enough of the sun’s energy that its … Continue reading

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Snowy Reminder

Pushing snow along the path.  Invigorating!  So fun to be back in the Laughing Labyrinth – to reflect, enjoy, anticipate. The wide shovel slid easily under the thin layer of fluffy snow. So, I got to look at the wild … Continue reading

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Honoring All Souls Contributions

Tears and laughter made up the walk today to collect the sticks and tags that people wrote on last week.  The intentional ringing of the bell on the way in and out.  Feathers and shells decorated the space.  Curious placements … Continue reading

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All Souls’ Day Labyrinth Walk

Reflection on All Souls’ Labyrinth Walk 11-1-2013 Background: In early October I began to plan a walk for All Souls’ Day. From 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The Laughing Labyrinth was open the entire time and I was generally available … Continue reading

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“Shenpa” to Sensibility

Rough notes from 5:00 a.m. Laughing Labyrinth walk. Really pulled into “shenpa” by listening to students’ excuses, tracking them down, nudging them along, treating them like adults and then being disappointed by their lack of follow through. Getting too wrapped … Continue reading

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