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Approaching Solstice

After the guided meditation honoring this time of rest, dormancy and death/shedding/transition, I walked the 1080 Laughing Labyrinth on December’s World Peace Meditation Night.  Even through a thickening cloud cover, the moon reflected enough of the sun’s energy that its … Continue reading

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Whispering Poems From Harmony Farm

With permission and great honor I share these poems by Marilee Pallant of Brentwood, Tennessee, friend of Barbara Brewer, owner of Harmony Farm.                                                       “Would You Prefer I Whispered” “As you work there in the fields planting lavender Or you … Continue reading

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“Shenpa” to Sensibility

Rough notes from 5:00 a.m. Laughing Labyrinth walk. Really pulled into “shenpa” by listening to students’ excuses, tracking them down, nudging them along, treating them like adults and then being disappointed by their lack of follow through. Getting too wrapped … Continue reading

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Lessons Under A Rising Gibbous Moon

King James Bible:  Isiah 40:3. “The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.” Wondering why I bothered, This verse repeated through my … Continue reading

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August Full Moon Walks 2012

Two labryinth walks tonight. First at the Nature Center. The later rising full moon glowed red through the eastern sky.  Thus one of its names. Red Full Moon.  In response to my question, “What would you call this moon?” visitors … Continue reading

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A Bit of Dew

As dry as the summer has been, a bit of dew kissed the plants in the labyrinth this morning.  Prairie plants in particular are masters at harvesting even scant moisture.  Early planets winked before bowing to the rising sun.  So, … Continue reading

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June Evening Walk – Agape

A late spring, early evening walk in the Laughing Labyrinth. Quiet now that the children are home.  But, filled with joy as fireflies twinkle.    A glow in the west enhances the grey arrow-shaped cloud winging from the north. Stronger winds … Continue reading

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Labyrinth Walk

Under a cloudy sky with the rising full moon, I walked the labyrinth, simply enjoying the winter weeds, the crunchy snow with human and animal tracks, view of the now-exposed pocket gopher trails once hidden under the snow. Tonight, World … Continue reading

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Moon Glow on the Laughing Labyrinth

How sweet to sit with Rich under a just full moon (now waning and still big and wonderful) with mild temperatures and a gentle breeze “sawing” the evergreens.  Walking the labyrinth after dark is also sweet.  Enough light from the … Continue reading

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Times Moves

Waning crescent moon in the morning sky.  Three skeins of geese winging overhead. Frost on fallen leaves. One pilgrim walking. All moving and changing.

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