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Reiki One Labyrinth Walk – Metaphors for our Lives

Life is change.  The labyrinth is perhaps one of the best metaphors to explore this.  In the Laughing Labyrinth winter’s long and bitterly cold stay is evident.  Buds of the magnolia tree are sparse and hardly opening.  But, they are … Continue reading

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Reflections by Karie Tegeler

A great honor to print reflections by spiritual seeker, Karie Tegeler.  She has participated in the labyrinth workshops at Indian Creek Nature Center and walked a number of labyrinths in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She refers especially to The Prairie … Continue reading

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November Knownings

Sometimes “knowing” just is.  A  colleague, who is a fellow learner and friend, and I have had on the planner for some time a “date” for lunch.  The day before, on the way to an AARP Smart Driver class in … Continue reading

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“Shenpa” to Sensibility

Rough notes from 5:00 a.m. Laughing Labyrinth walk. Really pulled into “shenpa” by listening to students’ excuses, tracking them down, nudging them along, treating them like adults and then being disappointed by their lack of follow through. Getting too wrapped … Continue reading

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Where does this post go?  marionpatterson or 1080Labyrinth?  Here it is. This weekend’s weather is so reminiscent of home in New Hampshire in March.  Unsettled warmish wind coursing through the tree tops alternating with a shiver up and down the … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice 2012

Clear. Crisp. Alpine glow just touching the tops of trees.  Still.  Snow clinging to trees, shrubs, wires.  The encrusted bell sounded a dull thunk, until I brushed off the snow, then a hollow gong.  Sort of how I felt initially.  … Continue reading

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Evening Walks

Of Wednesday, September 19, 2012: Sun glows in west skies. Red rock clouds,. Breezes toss boughs. Insects sing the night. Of Thursday, September 20, 2012:  I dance and fly with Feathers, as we wind our way to and fro along … Continue reading

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