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We Love Our Home

“Like a Christmas card.”  Indeed!  About three years ago we signed the final papers to buy 1080 30th St Drive SE, which Rich appropriately named Sand Ridge.  The home is sweet.  The yard ever changing. The wildlife varied and amusing.  … Continue reading

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Regis Labyrinth, October 30, 2012

Under clear skies and cool breezes Paula Spaight and I walked the Regis Labyrinth.  A small pile of pebbles lay under the welcome sign.  Sometimes the pile is bigger, sometimes smaller which is a clue to me to look at … Continue reading

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St Andrew’s Episcopal Church Labyrinth, New London, NH

Set in a corner surrounded by trees with two sentry trees, this is a satisfying  labyrinth to walk. Many types of rocks form the boundaries and small seedling pines have begun to sprout.  Leaves on the path made a lovely … Continue reading

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Sometimes interactions both meditating – if that is what I can call it – and in the Labyrinth are confusing.  “You have more power than you know.” That jolted me awake.  In the labyrinth today, “Yes, send the feathers.  It’s … Continue reading

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Hot Rocks To Roll Night

The cooling air brought in a storm with spectacular anvil clouds overreaching the town before the actual wind and rain came in a huff and torrent.  Why a Hot Rock Night?  Well, goes back to the “Smokin’ Hot Pizza Night” … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve 2011

Two different groups of Pilgrims came to the Labyrinth on New Year’s Eve.  A mild day ahead of blustery and colder weather.  How sweet that people wanted to connect and share, and chose the 1080 Laughing Labyrinth.  One pilgrim:  “Thanks … Continue reading

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R to the Fourth Power!

How exciting that I just took off walking to walk the 1080 Laughing Labyrinth.  Nothing more.  While I had asked the Universe to help with a theme and title for the Native American/Columbus Day 2012 Labyrinth Workshop several of us … Continue reading

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