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Trimming Fall Seeds and Attitudes

The 1080 Laughing Labyrinth felt overwhelming this summer as the aggressive prairie grasses dominated over the more sublime domestic and native forbs.  Little mums hardly poked through the tangle. Daisies cowered under the intrusive tall grass. The sublime Bleeding Hearts … Continue reading

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Everything Needs A Rest

Every thing and every person, including our belovèds, needs a rest.  Tapia, eyeball deep in snow with more falling, waits patiently between the Entry Bell and First Bench.  He knows that the frozen time, the dark time are necessary for … Continue reading

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R to the Fourth Power!

How exciting that I just took off walking to walk the 1080 Laughing Labyrinth.  Nothing more.  While I had asked the Universe to help with a theme and title for the Native American/Columbus Day 2012 Labyrinth Workshop several of us … Continue reading

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Fork Tool

A heavy rain, the first in weeks, softened the ground enough for me to fork up some of the dandelions for the bunnies and other invasive plants in the entry to the labyrinth.  I also found some seedlings that dropped … Continue reading

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Summer Labyrinth – One Year Into the Project

One year ago, I began planning the labyrinth in earnest.  And now, while predominantly green, vestiges of color have shown up all summer.  From the Oriental Lilies and the white daisies from Carol, to the lovely soft yellows of the … Continue reading

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Hot Summer and Labyrinth Growth

How amazing that in this extremely and consistently hot summer that the plants in the labyrinth are doing pretty well.  Some Hosta that get more sun than they like have burned leaves but are generally OK.  The Prairie seeds have … Continue reading

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Plants Appear

Even though winter has been reluctant to let go and spring has shown little interest in courting our favor, the seasons are changing.  Life is stirring, days are longer, the soil is warmer, the rains less like snow – well … Continue reading

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Waiting Through Winter

We didn’t exactly “wait” through the winter.  Nancy tromped a snow path at Christmas and I embellished it in January and early February using my trusty seven-circuit map. Rich ordered prairie and edge seeds to complement the seed we had … Continue reading

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Next Steps or Digs

Well, fall 2010 was the time to label plants as I fought advancing autumn, drought which makes it hard on the plants and on me since digging the ground which is clayish and almost cement when dry. Oh, my back…shoulder…knees…fingers….poor … Continue reading

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