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Sublime Visit to Prairiewoods

The only 30 minutes of sun all day found me at Prairiewoods Spirituality Center picking up the canvas labyrinth for Sunday’s New Bo Books, CSPS and Winding Pathways collaborative program. Then, I drove back to the Hermitages and walked to … Continue reading

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Etchings In the Snow

What an enchanting, albeit cold, day in the Laughing Labyrinth!  I am always sad looking out and seeing no fresh footprints there, so out I went, and am I glad I did!  The etchings on the snow caused by wind … Continue reading

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Whispering Poems From Harmony Farm

With permission and great honor I share these poems by Marilee Pallant of Brentwood, Tennessee, friend of Barbara Brewer, owner of Harmony Farm.                                                       “Would You Prefer I Whispered” “As you work there in the fields planting lavender Or you … Continue reading

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A Walk With Grief – After the Workshop

This is a total ramble. In spite of today’s grey skies, the day was warm.  I’d gone to sit in the laughing Labyrinth the day before.  But there was no laughter.  The magnolia tree held me in its embrace as … Continue reading

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How I missed the option to walk the Labyrinth physically, and yet was grateful to have the option to study it and be with it from the upstairs window.  But, now, with Dick Garberson plowing the rim of the drive, … Continue reading

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August Full Moon Walks 2012

Two labryinth walks tonight. First at the Nature Center. The later rising full moon glowed red through the eastern sky.  Thus one of its names. Red Full Moon.  In response to my question, “What would you call this moon?” visitors … Continue reading

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Pre-Dawn Polar Walk

Spectacular!  First walk in a 2012 snow.  Pre-dawn.  Strong north wind.  Invigorating! What a welcome change.  With back to the wind,  vision is clear, so I start off determined and full of confidence.  Suddenly with a turn in the path, … Continue reading

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Sensory Walk

How could I not walk the Labyrinth today?  On the way to a meeting I stopped the car and walked the Labyrinth.  The breeze rattled the cord on the flagpole causing the clip to clank occasionally.  Cars sped by.  A … Continue reading

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