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World Peace Meditation Evening

For the first time in many months – approaching a year – I was able to walk the Laughing Labyrinth for World Peace Meditation Night on a beautiful evening.  Other World Peace Nights have been of Thunderstorms, or Snowstorms, or…. … Continue reading

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Evening Walks

Of Wednesday, September 19, 2012: Sun glows in west skies. Red rock clouds,. Breezes toss boughs. Insects sing the night. Of Thursday, September 20, 2012:  I dance and fly with Feathers, as we wind our way to and fro along … Continue reading

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Labyrinth Walk

Under a cloudy sky with the rising full moon, I walked the labyrinth, simply enjoying the winter weeds, the crunchy snow with human and animal tracks, view of the now-exposed pocket gopher trails once hidden under the snow. Tonight, World … Continue reading

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