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High Summer Walks

Summer in the prairie is a great time to walk. Continue reading

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World Peace Meditation Evening

For the first time in many months – approaching a year – I was able to walk the Laughing Labyrinth for World Peace Meditation Night on a beautiful evening.  Other World Peace Nights have been of Thunderstorms, or Snowstorms, or…. … Continue reading

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Wounded Healers

     We are all wounded healers. The Voice we Choose to attend to; the Awarenesses we Choose to tune into; the Paths we Choose to take; What we Choose to do along the Ways; and Ultimately, How we Choose to … Continue reading

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Lessons Under A Rising Gibbous Moon

King James Bible:  Isiah 40:3. “The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.” Wondering why I bothered, This verse repeated through my … Continue reading

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The labyrinth called so I went.  Partway through, I looked across the yard to the house shining in the sun, with the light shadows of the maple cast upon the western edge of the roof.  And, I was grateful:  For … Continue reading

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Experience in a Natural Labyrinth – Lost and Found

Remarks by The Reverend Tom Capo,  Peoples Church Unitarian Universalist.  At the October Labyrinth Workshop, Indian Creek Nature Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “What is a natural labyrinth?  Most labyrinths that you see are flat unadorned maze-like structures.  Their purpose is … Continue reading

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Spring in the Laughing Labyrinth

This unusual spring, a full four to five weeks ahead of the norm is simply spectacular!  The Magnolia tree held full blooms for many days – almost two weeks in fact.  Now, emerging leaves lend color and texture to the … Continue reading

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Spring in Abundance

The Laughing Labyrinth is fairly bursting with energy and life.  Too early, may get frosted out, but the vibrancy of it all is reassuring and life will go on in spite of setbacks. Jenny’s Pulmonaria is especially sweet to see.  … Continue reading

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Waiting Through Winter

We didn’t exactly “wait” through the winter.  Nancy tromped a snow path at Christmas and I embellished it in January and early February using my trusty seven-circuit map. Rich ordered prairie and edge seeds to complement the seed we had … Continue reading

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So We Begin

“1080.  That’s three revolutions,” stated Richard matter-of-factly of our house number.  He always offers a new and refreshing perspective to the world.  And,  I knew that he, as a mathematician, was the “go-to” guy to help create the labyrinth out … Continue reading

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